Hi, we are

Djokovic & Djordje

We are two people about the same age, from the same city, sharing the same first and last name. Yes, you heard it right!

...Two Djordje Djokovic…

Besides the obvious fact that we share the same name, we also share our love and passion for photography, growing beards, supporting FC/BC Partizan, and loving our city, Valjevo.

Even before we met, we were both engaged in photography for quite some time. We both had experience in wedding photography. Though our styles were different, we were heading towards the same goal. We wanted to be documentary wedding photographers, unobtrusive storytellers capturing every precious moment. That is why we decided to join forces and work together. Photography brought us together in one name Djokovic & Djordje.

Every wedding is a story in its own unique way. Embrace yourselves, your love and all your emotions, laughter, tears of joy… and let us treasure it forever.